Our eye care heritage

The History of Murine® Eye Drops

At Prestige Brands, we focus on product innovation and quality. For generations, Murine® has helped our customers care for their eyes. It is our mission to preserve this trust by continuing to improve and create products that match the ever-changing lifestyles and needs of our customers.

The Murine® Eye Drops brand was first launched in the 1970’s with a pharmacy strength eye drop containing a medicine known as a vasoconstrictor, which acts by constricting the blood vessels in the eyes to reduce redness.

Over the years, the Murine® range of products has continued to grow, offering specialist solutions for a number of common eye conditions such as red, dry and hayfever eyes.  We pride ourselves in developing solutions with a true point of difference that provide real relief of common eye symptoms.  

Murine® has always provided the highest level of expertise to its customers and has the support and recommendation of healthcare professionals throughout the eye care sector.  

The latest addition to the range is Murine® Professional Advanced Dry Eye Relief, which provides long lasting relief and protection from dry, irritated, itchy or strained eyes without preservatives or phosphates.

Murine heritage poster